Our quality control begins much earlier than you think…

From the first day, a strict control of each egg that enters the incubation process, managing temperature, humidity and pressure to generate healthy and strong chicks.

Our birds are raised in controlled environments, with a natural and balanced diet in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, to ensure that from the moment they are born they are immunologically strong and thus, able to face any health challenge, without having to use antibiotics.

Our rearing environments are ventilated, very spacious, with free availability of food and water, taking care at each stage of growth the absence of stress and animal welfare.

Throughout our process, our interdisciplinary team of professionals participates. Who ensure that the best product arrives at your home, respecting our premise, “Demand the best”. Veterinarians, nutrition engineers, food engineers, quality control engineers, production, human and commercial resources, make up, Noelma's team to bring the best and freshest product to your table.