Since its biginning in 1976, NOELMA SA, has managed to maintain faithful conviction to grow and last for many generations, and to be a leader in the market of production and industrialization of poultry products.

NOELMA S.A. Has also achieved to become a globally recognized company. With permanently investing in genetics and leading technology, with a very high levels of health and protection of our products, and above all, the commitment of human resources that we use throughout the chain, allowing us to reach the highest quality standards day by day which is demanded by international markets.

NOELMA S.A. is located in Villa Elisa, Entre Rios, Argentina, a región sorrounded with a excellent environmental purity. Owning the largest poultry transport of Argentina, Noelma distributes its production of 155,000 birds per day toward the interior of the country and exports to over 50 countries

The dedication and perseverance with which our work is performed daily, has led NOELMA SA to have the most complete service for our customers, to offer the best price in relation to quality the most importance of all is to provide one of the best products in the market.

"Noelma SA has more than 250 farms located on vast of fields that comply with all the standards worldwide of higiene and health, with very low levels of contamination.

Our production on these farms are lodged during their growth until the moment of complete production. During this period of breeding, NOELMA S.A. carries a constant monitoring on the farms, to verify the good condition of its breeding, drainnage of rains and all the sanitary the maintenance, and also with a high level of learning experiance to all its farmers.

During the production we carried out veterinary quality control that way we achieve and optimize the máximum of our products."

Av. Urquiza 2277 (3265) Villa Elisa, Entre Ríos, Argentina.


Teléfonos / Phone : ( 054 ) 03447 480482 / 03447 480108 / 03447 480317